Cross Stitch Patterns of Morra Marran

Modern Design
Super Simple Stitch

Dear friends! I am glad to welcome you to my art corner. In the world of cross stitch, I am known as Morra. This is a creative pseudonym, which over the years has become closer to me than the name received at birth.


Almost 500 designs have been created with my participation. Something was drawn by me personally, something in a creative alliance with my Stitching Coven crew (Eva Stitch, Aika, Natalia Kravchenko, Svetlana Azhikina, Rita and her Dragons).  Not all of my cross stitch patterns are currently on the site. Some of the old designs are currently under revision, and will appear here later. 


I hope that some of the designs on this site will resonate with you. 


For your convenience, the schemes are sorted into categories. The first one is the largest. It contains designs made in modern cross-stitch technique. They generously use various additional types of stitches, as well as blends. Such patterns may require more of your attention and concentration. And the finished work will amaze and delight your friends.


The Sampler section, although I often use modern themes for inspiration, is rooted in old ways. These patterns use as simple images as possible. In addition, most elements of such designs invite you to bring your own vision, for example, change the palette.


The section with Free design is an invitation to get acquainted with my work. This may help you understand how my patterns suit you.


In the Thematic categories section, schemes are sorted according to a different principle. This is more convenient when you need a specific search. For example, you are looking for schemes for Christmas or Landscapes. The Super Simple Stitch section contains either small patterns or very simple ones. These designs will be appropriate if you want to embroider something with the fastest possible result. 


Perhaps you do not embroider yet and just visited my site out of curiosity. Then I recommend that you go to the Gallery section and just admire the finished cross stitch works from different masters according to my designs.


With love, your Morra.

Free Designs

This is a special section in my shop. Here are those designs that cannot be purchased in the usual way. These cross stitch patterns with your help can support animals that are in the Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) or any other shelter of your choice. If you like the designs in this section, it will take some of your patience. Details can be found in the description of the Charity section at this link.  During the year, I tested this way of charity on my Ukrainian website. And I am deeply grateful to all the buyers who support this initiative.


In this photo, Agnes and Bastet, my two wonderful girls. I was lucky enough to take them into my family from RASKC. 


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