I am happy to offer a selection of my free cross stitch patterns for your enjoyment. These patterns are a great way to try out schemes from me, if my designs are completely new for you. Free cross stitch patterns are a great way to evaluate the quality of my designs. If you like one of my free patterns, you can be sure that you will also enjoy our paid patterns.

I draw free cross stitch patterns to create a good mood for embroiderers. I want you to enjoy the process of stitching, and I hope that my free patterns will help you do that.

Here are some additional details about the free cross stitch patterns section:

  • Free designs I draw when the mood arises. There is no specific schedule for this activity. Nevertheless, every year adds 2–3 designs to this section, so you can always find new patterns to try.
  • The most of my patterns are designed to be stitched on Aida fabric, but you can also stitch them on other fabrics if you prefer.

I hope you will take advantage of my free cross stitch patterns section and find the perfect design for your next project!

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