The direction of Samplers and Primitives is the youngest in my creative career. Just five years ago, I did not understand the primitive forms in cross stitch patterns. But the more I got to know it, the more I fell in love with it. Now, I believe that the minimalistic simplicity of forms contains sacred knowledge that we cannot convey to each other in words. This is some kind of ancient code, encrypted in cross stitch patterns, indicating a shortcut to our roots.

I often get asked if my samplers are restorations of old cross stitch patterns. No, I draw new designs, but I use a lot of elements of ornaments and simple shapes. My samplers often combine modern themes and old cross stitch techniques. There are no blends in samplers, very rarely three-quarter cross stitch, backstitch and French knots are used.

Here are some additional details about the modern designs section:

  • The section is updated regularly, so you'll always find new patterns to choose from.
  • I would recommend embroidering complex elements according to the key, like parts of the human body, animal hair.
  • Turn on your imagination when embroidering ornaments and geometric patterns. You are welcome to add mélange threads, wool, beads - whatever you deem appropriate.
  • Listen to yourself, embroidery work using simple shapes very often activates intuition. It's not about embroidery, it's about our life and deep dive into ourselves, but it happens through the process of embroidery.
  • Take your time. Just let yourself enjoy the process!
  • The cross stitch patterns in this section can be stitching on Aida, even three-quarter cross stitches are easily done on this type of fabric. However, they are very good when embroidered on linen.
I hope you love Samplers and Primitives as much as I do.
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