In modern cross stitch, the designer works with art, which is used as the basis for creating a cross stitch pattern. These arts can be drawn in completely different techniques. It can be oil painting, watercolor, pencils or digital drawing. The art of transforming a drawing into a cross stitch is that the original technique of the artist is guessed in the finished embroidered work. I am most close to watercolor and various sketches. Therefore, these directions are most often found in my cross stitch patterns. I work with very talented artists. And I am glad to share the magic of transforming paintings into cross stitch with you. These patterns use the maximum to create a mood, an expressive image, and touch on an infinite number of topics from flowers and animals to various holidays and cultural phenomena.

The designs range in size from tiny to large, so you can find one that's perfect for your space. Whether you're looking for a simple pattern to stitch in an afternoon or a more complex project to work on over the course of a few months, I have something for you.

Here are some additional details about the modern designs section:

  • The section is updated regularly, so you'll always find new patterns to choose from.
  • In this section, following the key is important. Be careful when replacing threads with threads from another manufacturer or other shades. I work with the DMC palette. Any substitutions may lead to the fact that the result may be very different from what I intended.
  • Most of the patterns are designed to be stitched on Aida fabric, but few of them are required stitching on evenweave.

I hope you'll take advantage of my modern designs section and find the perfect cross stitch pattern to add a touch of contemporary style to your home!

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