This section is a meeting place for cross stitch patterns of Modern Designs and Primitives. Here are collected schemes according to the principle of small size. These cross stitch patterns are designed to give you the pleasure of fast results.
If you want to find an idea for a quick gift for friends, or you are not desiring a big process, then this section is for you.

Here are some additional details about the modern designs section:


  • All cross stitch patterns in this section are part of other sections. Therefore, this is replenished as designs of small size or simple embroidery techniques appear.  
  • Also here are large cross stitch patterns that can be easily disassembled into parts. You may not want to embroider them as a single embroidery, and you will prefer to embroider each component separately.
  • Most of these cross stitch patterns use a fairly simple palette that you can swap out to your liking. For example, you can replace the shades of Santa Claus's red clothes with green ones, and embroider his beard with fine embroidery wool. Follow your fantasy! But I advise you to be careful in replacing shades on people's faces. 

Have fun stitching! 

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