This category of cross stitch patterns is ideal for patient embroiderers who love backstitch. I was amazed that there are numerous fans of embroidered themes, where objects are depicted from the inside. Mostly the cross stitch patterns of the World within section are dedicated to various houses, however, here you can find various types of transport, and something else is in the plans, which is still a secret. 

By choosing the Cut through cross stitch pattern, you will get a real embroidered Wimmelbuch.  The main feature of Cut through cross stitch patterns is the presence of a huge amount of detail. These embroidered details can be viewed for hours. And of course, this embroidered work will become an interior item that will constantly gather admiration from visitors of your home.

My Cut through cross stitch patterns are also interesting because the content of the sketches for them was created based on the wishes of the embroiderers. Without active embroiderers, my team and I would never have dared to plunge into the world of such complex, but such fascinating designs.


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