Dear Friends, this section is dedicated to cross stitch patterns, the sales proceeds of which go entirely to charity.  I live in Kent, Washington State. However, almost all of my family lives in Ukraine. Now there is a war, people and animals are dying every day.  Sometimes I feel helpless because there is not much I can do for those who are there.

One day, I realized that our help is needed even by those who are very close.  I found two of my pets in RASKC. I really admire the staff that works here. These people do an impressive job every single day.   And I want to be a small part of their routine.  


Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC)


Unfortunately, there is no technical possibility on my site to automate the charitable donation and receiving the pattern you have chosen. So you can  support RASKC by purchasing cross stitch patterns from the Stitching Coven Etsy store.  

 Stitching Coven

Every two months, starting in September 2023, I will publish reports on sales in this store and transfers of money to the shelter on this Instagram account

Thank you all for your support!

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